Saturday, July 4, 2015

Paracord "Oh Shit" Handles

One of the first thing I noticed with my Jeep was the lack of "Oh Shit" handles.. Which I found quite odd since this is the first car I've owned where the "Oh Shit" handles makes sense.

I spent the week looking for them and was about to buy these.

In the end though I quickly recognized that I could make my own as paracord bracelets are a common theme in scouting campouts. So I scoured the internet and found the following YouTube video and set out to make my own.

So I headed back over to Amazon and bought the following paracord(Available in EVERY possible color):

I bought a 100' length of black and orange. And of course check out the finished product, for 1/10th the cost of the pre-made ones... Ohh and the kids love that they can now get in and out of the Jeep alot easier..

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