Monday, July 27, 2015

Do I need a Snorkel?

Being that I just purchased a brand new 2015 JKU. I keep looking at tons of products out there. On most of the jeep sites you can hear a debate going on about snorkels. Now I personally do not like snorkels, they look ugly most if the times and I honestly was the opinion that you don't need one as long as you go slow enough to create no wake. In fact, if you read most posts out there that's what most people recommended.. That is.. Until this video came out:

One thing to note from that video though and photo though is that the water just isn't that deep. Many a Jeep, new and old, have crossed way deeper.. But if you watch that video you will notice 2 things:

1) The front of the jeep dips real low upon entry from going to fast.
2) The rooster tail coming off the rims.

I've watched alot of jeep videos on hydrolocking, and almost all of them have one of those two present, and all are at way to fast of a speed.

So are you safe from hydro locking just by going slow? The answer is really no.. Anytime you get your jeep in deeper than 19" water you run the risk of hydro locking it. So in my case I've decided that I'm going to have to get a snorkel to move the intake away from the front behind the grill.

This in itself is a scary proposition though because there isn't a snorkel out there that doesn't require you to cut your brand new (600 miles in my case) baby.

Most of the snorkels out there follow the same design, they attach at the front, you cut a hole in your hood, and then run a black tube to your windshield that will allow you to grab fresh air higher than any puddle you can get in. There are many manufacturers that all do basically the same thing:

These are alright, but they are just ugly in my opinion. But they are the easiest to install. You literally just cut a square hole in your hood and move on. The other option, which is not as popular but you can find are the "Safary Snorkels".

You can see these reroute the snorkel to come out behind the fender. Much cleaner look in my opinion but still kind of ugly hanging off the side of a brand new jeep. This leads us to the option I am currently saving up for. Let me start by saying that this is not the easy solution....

In these two photos you can see the Rugged Ridge XHD snorkel. Norice how the top one it isn't even visible except as a black box. Then there's the high mount kit that will allow you to extend it even higher if need be. My current goal is to get this in both modes, one for riding around town, and one for after a good rain.

Now I alluded to the install...XHD Snorkel Install

It's 22 pages long with over 100 different instructions. In the end it has you taking off your entire passenger fender, drilling out three spot welds, and cutting the sheet metal (Make sure you repaint everywhere you cut). This is not for the faint at heart, and is the primary reason why I haven't ordered it yet, but I do believe it is the only one out there for me.. It also limits your placement of pillar spot or flood lights. So be prepared for that, but most snorkels limit those also.

Links to Snorkels talked about in this:

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